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Hmlisto (Misty) is a family inter-genre duo from an isolated home in the Vtáčnik mountain range, Slovakia.

It plays its original songs (and arrangements of traditional folk songs) with features of world music, folk and post rock.

It interconnects the current song-writing with traditional folk music of the Western Carpathians.

The distinctiveness of folk musical instruments (shepherd pipes, gouged folk violin) contrasts with the elaborated sound of an electric guitar and mandola.

The band released its debut album Na druhom brehu (On the other side) in July 2018, and album Ozveny lazov (Echoes of Mountain Solitudes), Prague 2020

It gives concerts in clubs and at music festivals at home and abroad.


Hmlisto (Misty) is a musical project that breaks boundaries of genres. The songs by the author and singer Veronika and her son, a talented guitarist Ján, borrow a lot from the old Slovak ad Moravian folklore, however they both keep on bringing in some fresh and very interesting, deep-diving musical streams. Veronika Kicková, born in Czech town Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad), found a new home in the breathtaking wilderness of Vtáčnik mountains in central Slovakia years ago. There it is still possible to live a life that is very similar to that from one hundred years ago. It is not an easy one and it offers no compromises. That is why the fascination with the old world´s mythology is being mixed with reality including all its dark sides in Veronika´s songs. The author of all arrangements is Ján. It is quite difficult to put Hmlisto into one genre box, so for better orientation of any new listeners they use their own term post-folk. You can expect an outstanding blend of their original songs and a few different modern adaptations of folklore that moves from folk to post-rock through the very best of old traditional Slovak and Moravian music.

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Ján Kicko


phone: +421 944406563